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Pellump G. Pilinci: Secretary: Hillary Clinton

E shtune, 12.02.2011, 07:43 PM

Secretary: Hillary Clinton


My letter dated January 27, 2011 informed you of the many, recent improper statements and inappropriate actions of Alexander A Arvizu, Ambassador to Albania. The Ambassador openly stated the demonstrations by Albanian citizens protesting the corruption of the government of Premier Sali Berisha should cease and that the demand of the citizens for a special election to replace the government of premier Berisha should be rejected..


My letter also informed you of the adverse impact of the ambassador’s statements and actions

upon the previous excellent relations between the Albanian people and the United States of America. In summary 95% of the Albanian people believed that Ambassador Arvizu was acting individually and that he was not articulating or carrying out the policy of our government.


The Ambassador’s dinner meeting with Premier Berisha two hours after the killing and wounding of demonstrators by members of the government security was inexplicable.


The Albanian people were pleased when Ambassador Arvizu was apparently recalled to Washington for consultation with officers of the State Department concerning his statements and

actions. The Albanians expected that our government, through the Department of State, would repudiate the Ambassador’s statements and actions and would express a positive understanding

of the reasons for the demonstrations and the desire of the Albanians to replace, by special election, the government of Sali Berisha.The desire of the Albanians appears to be consistent with

recently manifested desires of citizens of Serbia, Kosovo and other countries for special elections

to replace corrupt governments, some of the governments have consented to special elections, and the positive response of the government of the United States to the demands of the citizens of Egypt for a prompt political change was encouraging. To the Albanians to the dismay of the Albanians, Ambassador Arvizu, while in Washington and presumably engaged in consultations with Senior Officers of the Department of State, affirmed and expanded his prior improper Statements and in appropriate actions.


During an interview with Voice of America TV on February 5, 2011 which was translated and broadcast directly to Albania, Ambassador Arvizu stated in part, that the corruption complained of by the demonstrators was based in the corruption of the Albania people themselves and that the government of Sali Berisha was not corrupt and there should not be an election to replace the government of Premier Berisha until the next regularly scheduled parliamentary election in 2013.


The Albanian press and TV gave the citizens extensive coverage of the ambassador’s remarks.

The commentary of the media is completely and seriously negative to the interest of our country.

The over whelming majority of the Albanians, now are of the opinion that Ambassador Arvizu has accurately expressed our government’s policy.


Their opinion is given support by recent frequent telephone conversations between the ambassador and Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Thomas M. Countryman. After such conversations is it credible that Ambassador Arvizu would misunderstand or intentional misstate

our government’s policy ?


The Albanians also question why our government supports demonstrators in Egypt who seek to remove a corrupt government and denies support to Albanian demonstrators also seeking to remove a corrupt government. In the absence of a credible explanation good relations between the Albanian people and our country are negatively affected to a serious degree.


During the above mentioned interview Ambassador Arvizu also stated that the American government is ready to grant the government of Sali Berisha $ 20 million dollars for unspecified purposes .The Albanians consider this statement to be evidence our country’s endorsement of the corruption and misgovernment of Sali Berisha. Unfortunately this and other statements and actions of Ambassador Arvizu, unless clearly repudiated by the Department of State, will gravely inhibit the prospects of a successful bi-lateral relationship between our government and Albanians


Sali Berisha made a public statement to the Albanian people on February 6.2011 at 3:45 pm est. He said that America is with him and not with the demonstrators, that America does not want demonstrations or a special election and that America knows it is the Albanian people who are corrupt, not his government .


Madam Secretary the procedure which allowed Sali Berisha to credible make the above described statements is not your fault. You have been fittingly occupied with developments in Egypt and elsewhere and with concluding the treaty process with Russia. Nevertheless I suggest that you have the duty to correctly inform Albanian people of our government’s policy toward Albania and endorse both non-violent demonstrations and a special parliamentary election.


I suggest that you promptly initiate the process to remove Alexander Arvizu from his position as Ambassador to Albania and initiate the process to remove him for employment as a foreign service officer of our country. I also suggest that you promptly remove from office all senior officers of the Department of State who either gave the ambassador instructions to make his improper statements and inappropriate actions or, who in your absence, failed to correct his statements and actions. In my opinion such action will restore the previously unprecedented good relations between the Albanian people and our government and provide a basis for a long term bi-lateral understanding with Albania.


Madam Secretary I call to your attention an event during President George Bush’s visit to Albania which bears on the present circumstances He scheduled a visit to the historic town of Fush-kruj the place to which the Albanian hero Skenderbej in the 15 century returned and liberated Albanians from control by the ottoman Turks. President Bush wished the Albanians to know that our government believed it was more important to have good relations with the people than with its then corrupt government led by Sali Berisha, President Bush refused to allow Premier Sali Berisha accompany him to Fush-kruja and 300,000 over Albanians traveled to Fush-kruj and applauded President Bush, he then stated it was the greatest welcome he received his public life.


Madam Secretary I came to the United States as a refugee from Albania, 35 years ago and I am a citizen of the United States of America. America is now my home and the home of my wife and children. We are American and I work for the best interest of the United States. I still have sympathy for my birth country and its people I continue the more than 100 years history of my ancestors to make good relations between the Albanian people and the United States. My great grand father came to the United Stated in the very early 20th century when Albanian was still under control of the Turkish Empire, He worked privately to establish relations between Albanians and Americans. My grand father came to the United States after Albania was freed from Turkey, and he also worked to improve relations between our peoples. He return to Albania in 1922 in the company of the 1st American ambassador to Albanian Ulysses Grant-Smith. The ambassador frequently visited my grand father’s home in Korca. My grand father was tortured and killed, upon the order of the communist dictator of Albania, by a prison guard I was standing by his side when he was killed, I was told he was killed because he was a friend of America.


For the first twenty years of my life my father was in prison because he supported democracy and human rights in Albania, he, myself and our family escaped from Albania 35 years ago. Thereafter he died in the United States. My grand father and my father told me that I must continue our family effort to make good relations between Albanians and Americans. Today as an American I continue my efforts to accomplish that goal, using any means necessary, I will communicate with all appropriate branches of our government.


With respect and best wishes

Prof. Dr Pellump G. Pilinci

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