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An interview with Flora Suldashi

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Flora Suldashi
Flora Suldashi
An interview with Flora Suldashi

When clothes speak the language of flowers

She left Prishtina to give her personal life, and above all, her professional life, another meaning. She has become a part of Germany since years. She lives in Hamburg, where she has heaved the foundations of her career to the field of fashion. She likes to adhere with her own strength, to walk with safe steps and triumph through her creation.

Flora Suldashi loves her art immensely. Even though in another country, the positive energy that art reflects, gives her strength to pass all the obstacles. The filed she has chosen to express her inspirations she relates with other artistic fields. 

Music, painting, and above all, the poetry are interlacement to her success, but nature, flowers are on top of these components. Flowers are the essence of her work. 

From Prishtina to Hamburg, was it passion for design or life decision that made you move there? 

It was a path where all things got interacted, not accidentally, perhaps programmed, and its better that it happened like that. It was an early vision of mine, which was later accomplished. 

Engineer and stylist, how do they interact with each-other? 

The fantasy is light, whereas technique is quite heavy. Fantasy (eruption of the ideas which are realized with freehand sketches) comes as a gift, probably "given", whereas the technique (technical drawings, constructions) is something that one has to work on, it’s a science. 

Accuracy, proportions, appropriate visual perceptions and their conformations on defining constructions, the path that is chosen to cut technical problems (technical drawings) and their elaboration (sawing) is a mastery gained with experience. Clothing, for instance, trousers, if we disintegrate them into two dimensional plane, we can see that geometrically they are just two cylinders, two geometrical figures, that pass one through the other – descriptive geometry, that in its final is transformed into a three dimensional geometrical "body". Thus, we have to deal with basic level of geometry and mathematics. 

In few words, I wanted to add that fantasy (idea-sketch) must be discovered through technique (cut constructions). This is what I find as interesting point that has two functions as union-point and breaking-point. When art and technique interact with each other with elegance, flowing emotions and love in it, then masterpieces are born. At this point I exceed my stylists colleges. I consider that technique is a strategic point, to which I strongly rely on. 

Now you own a parlor in Germany. Was it fate, persistence, talent? 

It is a dream of every artist to have a place where they can create their art. I do see it as a castle, where the artist rules, because there the artist delights spiritual independence, as well as economical. In the west, this path is difficult, but devotion, seriousness and faith in oneself (here I want to emphasize that uncertainty is a demon that leads us to failure, therefore, it must be fought), personal competences, professional and social, all of these where preconditions that helped me to achieve this goal. 

What inspires you for your designs? 

Nature, flowers…Doesn’t everything relate with my name (laughs)? I look at it as a beautiful correlation. In my point of view, every creation is a flower in itself; hence I name them after flowers. My aim as an artist is to convey the elements of nature to people, but never to try and copy it, because then we would produce unattractive stereotypes. Colors, movements, autumn leaves and their collision with the sidewalk, is a beautiful element which can be transmitted in creation, and presented to people as a final product. 

Asymmetry in nature as well as in art, a worshiper of which I am, is so tempting and real simultaneously; right is never affined completely with left. 

Another fundamental inspiration is music; music carries us in coordinates out of reality, precisely where the fantasy plays. Music and fashion are closely related together. If I listen to an opera, then in my imagination appears a silhouette that carries a stately dress; if I listen to a ballad then a silhouette of a woman appears, carrying a silky dress, which appears as a fragile butterfly that could not handle winter frost; when I listen to rock music, then in my mind appears extravagant, provoking clothes; something that encourages revolution. 

To which category do you address your clothing designs? Are your clients’ famous art characters, or other famous characters?

In front of my eyes every client deserves respect. I mainly separate them into two categories. In the first category are small clients – private persons, the second category is where the big clients are, where companies are. Private clients are intellectuals, artists, lawyers, administrative workers etc. 

Extravagance is clothing that involves artistic modeling, from which you are inspired or is an expression of your world and your emotions? 

Extravagance is something that passes every border, breaks walls and rules … It is rebellious movement. It shows dominance, break rules, prejudices, collides with the outside worlds, extravagance fights. Extravagance is an art field whose horizon is wide open; one can freely play with its elements, touch surrealism. I feel attracted by this stream. Just as I love weaving sea, I love when peace dominates it. 

How does Flora play with colors? 

Classic, elegance, sweetness is what relies on my spirit. Classicism is something that remains, survives, despite new comings. White and black are basic lines of my designs. White and black, aren’t they the very symbol of life? In every white line there is a little black, and vice versa. On the other hand, who can resist the colors of rainbow? No one can, neither can I, thus I prefer them all. 

How did you come to the point you stand today, difficulties, entrance to a foreign market …?

I was faithful to my vision, although it wasn’t an easy path. Maybe I was lucky, met proper people, in the right moment, in the right place – these are three trajectories most necessary in the path of success and I think it wasn’t coincidence, but it was rather a reward for my hard work. Fashion business is a battlefield where the war of surviving is rude and it needs a lot of energy and effort to succeed. One should be apt professionally and intellectually, only then one can break through wild trades, such as this one in Western countries, where the quote "big fish eats a little fish" is still worth. 

Have you thought of returning to Prishtina, maybe as fashion design? 

It was a dilemma throughout the years, much more motivated from national feelings. But, a lot of changes took place in Kosova for a very short time. Of course I love Prishtina and I hope that someday proper circumstances to start something there will occur. As for now, I am focused in Germany. 

You write poetry as well. Is that more than a passion? 

Poetry is a real soul, and for me is more than a passion. Poetry was in me since I was little, it has followed me in every step, because I love beautiful word, artistic word, it’s poetry that colors our life. Poetry is a song, melody, paint…it’s an unbreakable chain. Creations are an image that gives us pleasure. Creations are intellectual excitements that give energy to one another. A great poetry excites the brain, and then an idea emerges, which stimulates a creation, and thus art has no end. I hope that soon I will publish my poems and my instant wish was to promote it in Tirana. 

What motivates you the most, in your every day life, at work, in creation? 

Motivation, even when it is absent, must be provoked from the depth of the soul, and then the inspiration will erupt. It is not in my nature to bend, even when I have a lack of motivation, I don’t agree with silence, leaving things in the shade. If that happens, what keep me standing are the ideals, the purpose of life, which is pedestal and guide in life. 

Everyone makes project or plans. Do you have any, and in what kind of area? 

Ah, if I could have another life to live. To reveal what is in the soul of an artist one life is not enough. There is no doubt that I will continue my projects in the field of fashion, art and light industry.

Source: SHQIP newspaper.


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