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Ministry of Interior of Albania says 914 000 ID cards are in voters’ hands

E merkure, 17.06.2009, 05:09 PM

The deadline for Albanian citizens without passport to apply for ID cards is on Monday, June 15. This deadline permits them to take their ID cards up to June 28. If citizens without passport do not apply until June 15, they will not have the possibility to get the ID card and as a result they can’t vote.
Ministry of Interior appealed on Saturday to this category of citizens to apply for ID cards because offices of civil state will stay open on Sunday also from 08.00 till 22.00 o’clock.
“Ministry of Interior informs the public opinion that the application for ID cards will continue up to June 15. We appeal to them to apply for theirs ID cards”, spokesperson of Ministry of Interior, Fatmir Konja said on Saturday.
He made known that up to now, 914 000 ID cards have been distributed. Two days ago, the ministry informed that 1 330 000 citizens applied for ID cards. The company produced 1 200 000 ID cards and the promise was to produce 2 190 000 ID cards until the elections day.
According to deputy minister, Poni, 22 000 ID cards were distributed on Thursday. According to calculations, the number of ID cards remaining at the company “Sagem” is 386 000. If these citizens will not take their ID card before June 28, they can’t vote with this document.
The Ministry couldn’t give a data to confirm that 723 000 citizens without passport are among 1 330 000 applicants for ID cards. It was a project of two parties, DP and SP, to supply with these documents with priority this category of persons.

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