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Sarë Gjergji: Kosovo – Reinstate to Europe

E hene, 03.03.2008, 06:58 PM

Sarë GjergjiSarë Gjergji, Stubëll e Epërme, Kosova

Kosovo – Reinstate to Europe

Kosovo and its population, regardless of ethnicity, were in need for international assistance for getting its freedom. Come out with this, regardless of ethnicity, because non Albanians were suffering from violence of Serbian Government too, whereas the Serbians itself suffered a lot from Belgrade dictate, practicing an unfairness policy against the Albanian majority in Kosovo.  Therefore, with military intervention of international communities were released those who experienced violence and those who were forced to exercise violence as well.

THANK YOU Europe! Thank you USA!

Post war Kosovo was in need of supporting in many segments: social, economic, politics, etc.  An enormous assistance toward this has gave the Czech government, especially through Czech CARITAS (whose employee I was too), and Czech soldiers that serves within the KFOR troops.

Thank you Czech Republic!

Albanians have gave to much for Europe and its civilization, for the reason that they are as such like

It looked-for to live and become in the head of Roman Empire, Konstantin(Illyrian) to give the right and freedom to profess Christian belief.  Needed that Saint Jeronimi (Illyrian) to give the world Vulgata.  Needed to be Saint Nikete Dardani, giving the world Hymn of Christianity “Te Deum”.  Considering Gjergj Kastrioti - Skënderbeu (Christ Athlete), to protect Europe and its civilization from the Ottoman Empire.  Considered necessary that Patriarch Atenagora, to start the Ecumenical Dialogue. Required Mother Teresa in order to understand the world that Love and Christian humanism can be realized and survive. To not forget the Pope Albani.

Hence, in the foundation of our culture and west civilization, are absolutely Albanians.  One more reason to understand that Albanian nation and land, thus Kosovo, are European, but however because of different historical occurrences never treated as that.  One more reason to understand that Serbian released thesis under the pretext that In Kosovo exist Islam fundamentalism is not real.  Albanians are European nation, Kosovo is European contry, therefore never can be differently accepted, even to project contrarily Kosovo’s future.

With a new vision toward a new world

Nodaway, when continues the international recognition of Republic of Kosovo. Population and its leadership , are determined  and strongly zealous  for  building of an  authentic  democracy , toward creating functional state  that will open  perspectives for all its citizens. In this path toward integration within Euro- Atlantic family, Kosovo after all has need for forward support and need to be encouraged as well.

Natural and human resources that possess Kosovo are its advantage. Kosovo can become and will be a key factor of economic development and politic stability in Balkan.  Beside this, because of very suitable geographic position.  Therefore , High minded Czech  nation , you who have suffered  Communistic Violence,  you will not hesitate  to accept  Kosovar’s  in the joint path  toward  universal  and authentic  values for progress.  Jointly with a new vision- toward a new world.

Marre nga: http://www.girasole.estranky.cz/clanky/nezarazene/nezavisle-kosovo

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