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Everest Haxhi: Quo vadis Albania!

| E enjte, 02.04.2015, 06:56 PM |


By Everest HAXHI

Albania is in the verge of collapse. Several factors contribute to that and all together have gone in a irreversible path that will see this great country repeat some of his  worst nightmare moments of the past. The most important factor is Albanian people that have not understood so far that the social model imposed and formatted by them is not working. This model, forged after the communist propaganda apparatus and named “njeriu I ri” “new man” has been brutally imposed and promoted without option of choice.  The “new man” has different moral and ethical values from the great Albanian traditions and has been shaped to serve a specific socio-politic system. It is time for a new model and time is running out.

Albania is in her 24th year of post-communist era and yet is still in transition period. This prolonged transition has exhausted the entire society that now is chaotically responding to any attempt to put some order. The political class has to be blamed, but also people and supporters of the politicians that childishly sacrifice their power of vote to some very little temporary interests and small financial relief.

The state's weak structures and a deep conflict between proponents of the right-wing and the left-wing, which can be identified to clan and territorial divisions in Albanian society, has been fueled by the same social model “new man” that has no understanding of how democratic society function and what core values are to be forged in order to have a stable democracy. The “new man” model accepts anyone that is dear to the party and that is the only value required. Love the Party and be ready to die for it. This model has created e very unique form of representation in the state decision making structure.  Since the only value appreciated is the love and fidelity to the party all other moral and ethical values are not being considered. The result is the today’s Albania Parliament.

The “new man” model that has a significant impact on the today’s society political mentality is the fundamentals of fierce political rivalry and ambitions. The authoritarian tendencies of the party leaders are heritage of the former dictatorship regime that successfully rules over a “new man” society. A low democratic political culture, a lack of democratic traditions and the search for compromise also contribute to this situation. The conflict between the major political forces has been ongoing since the collapse of the communist regime and in 1997 it brought Albania to the verge of civil war. Albanian needs immediately a new functioning model to save the country from repeating its bad moments over and over.

In 24 years thousands of new Albanians have been educated abroad. They have accumulated enough intellectual power to thrive in western countries when they have decided to exercise their intellectual capabilities and enjoy the fruits of their success. The majority of them have attempted to come back offering their contributions to government, administrations and several institutional structure of Albanian society. This is the biggest asset that Albania has now. New generation educated abroad is the opposite of “the new man”. They have been exposed to democratic western societies as well as to a value system that promotes the race of the best ideas and values awarding hard work and achievements.

The Albanian society is ready for this new model. They welcome new generation and they are the source of their success, but unfortunately the political class is not. Every single one of the young generation educated abroad has been brutally whipped out of any government structure feeling the pressure of the eroded political system. The survivors have been able to sort out a pact or compromise to quietly serve due to their lack of support. Only in Albania someone that has a degree from Harvard University can’t find a job because someone with a degree from “Kristal” University outbid him in the selection process.

The political class will never open to the new model. They will never create the path where valor and commitment will prevail. All major political forces that already using the “new man” model they found cheap in the beginning of the post communist era are paying dearly for keeping it. The scenario will get worse as the “brain immigration” is reaching extensional elevated proportions. Only in the last 4 months 250 medical doctors have left the country and the number is growing form professionals and intellectual of all different fields.

The solution is not political only. As much as the political class likes to take the lead offering solutions they seem not permanent because they have the tendency to extremely polarize the society only for political gain. It needs the efforts of every single Albanian to save the country. Every single Albanian has to understand that political parties are not corporations where they can be employed and waiting turns for their favorite party to come to power. If there is no interest from political structures to educate their voters on political battles paid by the society the Albanian people themselves have to be more active understanding how to promote the new model and abandoning desperate calls for protests and riots that will fuel more conflict and more poverty.  Only the Albanian people that have dearly sacrifice for the education of their children abroad have to create the proper environment for them to come back and use their new learned model. Time is running out.