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Alfred Papuciu – a self-taught “professor of thalassaemia”

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Jean Philippe & Alfred Papuciu
Jean Philippe & Alfred Papuciu


Alfred Papuciu has kept a thalassaemia diary since 1981, when he first learned about the disorder. Over the years, he noted down everything he learned, and now he has decided to share his reflections in a book provisionally entitled Hope for the Near Future.


Alfred Papuciu’s first contact with thalassaemia was through the Cooley’s anemia Foundation, and from them he learned about the existence of a federation based in Cyprus that

promoted the worldwide struggle against thalassaemia. This, of course, was TIF. He recalls: “Mr. Panos Englezos, the President of TIF, received me in Limassol, Cyprus in March 2004. I

would like to express all my gratitude to him for encouraging me to continue our common struggle against thalassaemia.”


Through the years, Alfred has read so much about thalassaemia and its treatment that he now refers to himself as a “self-taught professor” on the subject. He is familiar with the latest developments, and regularly reads scientific articles and books, including ones covering complex topics such as bone marrow transplantation. He has published many books himself,

in which he sometimes has written about thalassaemia, TIF and CAF. Through his latest project, he wants to express his thanks to all the people he has met over the years. “In the near

future I will begin the story... the diary of a simple man – professor of the French language, cultural mediator, translator and journalist – about his involvement with thalassaemia since

1981.” Certainly, we at TIF eagerly look forward to receiving a copy of the book!


Alfred Papuciu with TIF’s President and Board Members and with Prof. Jean-Philippe Assal


TIF Wants to Hear Your Story!


Published in the Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF) review.


 If you have a story that touches on some of the thalassaemia illness, or if you know of an inspirational or influential issues faced by thalassaemia patients in their lives, individual in the thalassaemia community, whom you think TIF should interview, let us know about it. We send it to TIF.

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