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Congratulation on the formation of the new Political Party (PDIU)

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February 17, 2011

 To: Mr. Tahir Muhedini

President of the PDIU

Tirana, Albania.

 Re: Congratulation on the formation of the new Political Party (PDIU).

 Brother Tahir:

 The Albanian-American Freedom House would like to congratulate you and all Cam leaders for having taken the decision to form one Political Party that will be the voice of all Cams, the noble Albanians, expelled from their homes and land.

 The formation of a Political Party of this type is long over- due. The Cams have made too many compromises with those who have profited from their enslavement.

 Tahir, many of us remember you speaking Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance, and the critical role you have played in speaking for the thousands of Cams who were expelled from their lands and dumped in the Communist Quagmire and the Christian orthodox Cams enslaved and struck down to the lowest depths of humanity, denied a voice for decades by the Greek Government.

 We applaud you for speaking out against the Greek political apparatus that today is involved in a systematic campaign against the Cam Political Party members. Further, we applaud you for not running and hiding and being afraid of the Greek thugs.

 As your New Political Party “PDIU” prepares to contest national elections in Albania 2013, this will represent a new Beacon of Hope for all genuine Cams over the world.

 Be aware that many backward elements among the communist leftovers will go to extremes to block your movement. They are determined to pursue a path that will maintain the status quo and the privilege of getting crumbs from the table of their foreign masters. Please remember that the social and political history of Albania has taught us that this intransigent species have proven conclusively that for them, dependence on and collaboration with our foreign enemies is not just a habit of mind but a way of life. It is this dependence and collaboration with the enemies of the Albanian People that gives them their definition of self.

 The AAFH, once again would like to reiterate our position that Cameria should be declared a Zone of Peace and be so regarded and respected by all. This means the removal of all Greek invaders and return of Cam population to their homes and land.

 One Love!

 Mustafa Xhepa

Member, AAFH Board of Directors

Washington, D.C.

(Vota: 10 . Mesatare: 5/5)



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