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Request for Investigation: OSI and FES in Kosovo as a joint organized crime group

E premte, 11.02.2011, 07:37 PM

Dear Sir/Madam at Open Society Institute (OSI) and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES),


We are writing to you with a request for investigation about collusion, nepotism, conflicts of interests, discrimination, and even slanders by local employees of OSI and FES here in Pristina. We want to make sure that OSI and FES are separate affiliations in Kosovo of your own respective institutions, and not necessarily local and informal merged organizations.


We could be kind enough to say that the OSI in Kosovo operating under the name of Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS) may in theory or in its name, be an open society institute or at least delivering statements about open society and civil society, but in fact it is operating as a conspiratorial organization of local people involving heavy conflicts of interests.




Kosovo Civil Society Foundation (KCSF) is an organization where the Executive Director is Venera Hajrullahu, and she is just a decoy of Suzana Arni, KCSF’s Director of Programs/Coordinator of Grant Programs. Have a look and obtain their contact details here: http://www.kcsfoundation.org/?page=1,13,7


Suzana Arni – Shllaku is the wife of Luan Shllaku, KFOS’s Executive Director. In addition to sharing of their bed, they also shared a lot of funds from OSI, which actually means passing the money of the same source (OSI – KFOS) from the husband to his wife. Whatever funding is made from KFOS to KCSF, that was always (as it is today and will be in the future) the money from a husband to the wife. Please note that Suzana never uses her last name Shllaku deliberately, except in her marriage certificate, to hide traces of benefiting from his husband Luan with OSI funds. She is perhaps the only one in Kosovo to have been most cautious to avoid her marriage name Shllaku. Women in Central and Eastern Europe usually use all the time their last name at birth and that of the marriage together, e.g. Savka Dapcevic – Kucar, like Suzana Arni – Shllaku. Moreover, in many cases, according to legal system of last names in Kosovo, married women take their last name of their husband and drop (except in the certificate of marriage when they must show both) their last name at birth, which in respective case of KCSF should be Suzana Shllaku.


Another interesting thing regarding women’s last name: Hardly would anyone one know that Besa Luzha’s last name at birth was Qirezi. She is actually using ONLY the last name of her husband Arian, Luzha. That is what Suzana Arni should have done since she married Luan Shllaku and take her husband’s last Shllaku to become correct as Suzana Shllaku. However, Bardha Qirezi who is Besa Luzha’s sister, has either maintained her surname Qirezi, or may be her husband Arben Qirezi adopted his wife’s last name, which is Kosovo is very unusual and almost inexistent. What is Besa Luzha’s last name at birth and after marriage? Is it Besa Qirezi – Luzha, or Besa Luzha – Qirezi? Her husband’s last name Arian, is Luzha. Also, what is Bardha Qirezi’s last name at birth and after marriage? Her husband’s last name Arben, is Qirezi. In any case, we know their strong family relationships despite their first and last name, abusing with Kosovo funds (the launder or thef of 10 000 Euro’s by Bardha Qirezi) and of foreign organizations jointly. In case of Luan Shllaku’s wife, everything is clear; her first and last name is: Suzana Arni – Shllaku, and she simply should be only Suzana Shllaku.


It is impossible to find with any search engine in the Internet the name Suzana Arni – Shllaku, despite that she shares the bed with his husband Luan Shllaku, and the funds of OSI. In fact, if you search in Google “Suzana Arni-Shllaku”, almost the entire search results will list only Suzana Arni, and what is even a greater surprise, Luan Shllaku along her in the same pages about the projects of “civil society”, or the projects of the same bed in the name of Kosovo between husband and his wife with OSI funds.


The OSI has already received a complaint from INEPRA about Luan Shllaku’s conspiracies and mischief-making against INEPRA (and against many other organizations and individuals across Kosovo which we have not yet reported and have plenty of evidence), but the OSI Ombudsman has neglected the case. If OSI claims to promote “open society”, we bring you undisputable evidence that in Kosovo local people sharing the same bed as a husband and wife like Luan and Suzana Shllaku with few other well-connected people such as Muhamet Mustafa and Besa Luzha, have practically made the KFOS an organization of ruthless conspiracies to the extent of operation, as many people believe, like the claims in fraudulent documents such as the Protocols of the Zion.


Have a look at the Board of Directors of the KCSF:



It was this Muhamet Mustafa, a well-connected man with Luan Shllaku (to which Luan passes the funds of OSI, illegally through discrimination) that charged me to the Kosovo Police of committing war crimes in Bosnia (the country that I never visited in my life), that I am being pursued aggressively as a criminal in England, and many other dangerous slanders. I have filed a lawsuit both against Mr. Mustafa and the Kosovo Police, and asked the EULEX (the European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo) to rollback these dangerous slanders. The Head of EULEX Police Component, Reiner Kuehn has confirmed to me that the EULEX is dealing with the slanders of Mr. Mustafa, and will pressure the Pristina Municipal Court to deal with my lawsuit.


Mr. Reiner Kuehn’s confirmation is attached hereto, and you can further confirm it with the EULEX. I also have additional confirmation of EULEX like that of Theo Jacobs, Chief Prosecutor, about the lawsuit which I have filed against Mr. Mustafa and the Kosovo Police to the Pristina Municipal Court. Luan Shllaku’s and Muhamet Mustafa’s conspiracy failed, and Mr. Mustafa is awaiting trial for dangerous slanders. Mr. Shllaku and Mr. Mustafa thought that they could buy few poor Kosovo Policemen with OSI’s money, and they were wrong. These two did not realize that there is someone above few corrupted policemen in Kosovo, and that is the EULEX. They (Mr. Shllaku and Mr. Mustafa) thought to have sufficiently consolidated their inner circle of conspiracy with OSI money and felt ready to buy the Kosovo policemen and force them to eliminate all others, in the name of “open society”.


We have warned the OSI that Luan Shllaku will intimidate Besa Luzha who is the Program Coordinator of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) which is a separate organization from OSI (in Germany and anywhere in the world except in Kosovo). Our project proposal titled “Foundations of a social market economy in emerging transition in Kosovo: Ideology, theories, legal framework and on site reality”, once being one hundred  percent almost approved, it was rejected by the order of Muhamet Mustafa and Luan Shllaku to Besa Luzha. It was at the request of Mrs. Luzha that we submitted the proposal. Mrs. Luzha was disappointed a little with poor quality of research by some NGOs that benefited from the FES, and thought that we are the very right institution that could do an enormously better research. However, the decisions in the FES are made by Mr. Shllaku and Mr. Mustafa, and we are ready to submit the evidence, both to FES and the OSI to confirm this. What the OSI should do, is to make sure that the KFOS does not rule the FES in Pristina in total for the purpose of conflicts of interests, organized crime and money laundering through discriminations. We are also asking the FES HQs in Bonn and Berlin to convince us and many others that its office in Pristina is not ruled by Mr. Mustafa and Mr. Shllaku. We will show you the evidence on the opposite.


The project proposal that I referred to, was (and still is) the best and the most relevant that the FES has ever received from anyone in Kosovo. Mrs. Luzha once requesting the proposal and promising that during this year (2008) we may not have budget but we will fund it in early 2009 (from January or February) begun to show some hesitations and was not replying despite our frequent contacting her via e-mail. We then were contacting her in her mobile phone to provide us an answer, and she was saying: “after a week, after two weeks, once the representative from Skopje comes” and so on. At the beginning, she had notified us that “they (someone at FES or in Germany) liked the proposal, but thought it is a little large project – a matter of full funding only. We then sent revised versions, up to an absurdly small budget. Mrs. Luzha kept not answering and playing cats and mice with us for nearly one year. While we were asking for the status of our Proposal, she does not hesitate to send a request to me for participating in a seminar in Bosnia (I have the evidence in written). In that request, she states that she (on behalf of FES) will cover my travel and accommodation costs and offer me an honorary of €200 just to participate in that event in Sarajevo (Bosnia). I was interested to obtain more information about that event and told her that I need to prepare a paper for that seminar (I usually prefer to participate in these events with works). I further told Mrs. Luzha that I would participate in that seminar in Bosnia, but the problem is that I have Kosovo passport that Bosnia does not recognize, thus I cannot enter Bosnia. “That’s too bad”, Mrs. Luzha replied (the evidence is available in Albanian). However, I promised her not to worry much about Bosnia when we have the proposal about Kosovo where we can do much better things for Kosovo instead from Kosovo for Bosnia.


As we were becoming impatient about the final answer of Mrs. Luzha to our project proposal, she finally agreed that we should discuss it with the FES representative of Kosovo that lives in Skopje, Beate Martin. Initially, Mrs. Luzha notified us that she (Mrs. Martin) has come from a mission somewhere in Asia and does not have much idea about Kosovo. Mrs. Luzha was right in this point – Mrs. Martin did not have the basic information about Kosovo, let alone its circumstances. We can bring to you the discussion we had with Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Luzha about our Project Proposal. Both should be as eyewitnesses. Mrs. Luzha in that meeting did not talk much. The meeting appeared as playing cats and mice with us and we were offered no reason for rejecting the proposal.


At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Luzha accompanying me in the way out of FES office in Pristina, did not forget to tell me to the entrance door: “You see, it is them who make the decisions, therefore this is the final answer in case you have thought that I am the one who makes the decision about your proposal.” OK, I said, and left with a goodbye.


Now, the interesting question to FES investigative authorities in Bonn and Berlin is:

There was no FES, no Germany, no God capable of making the decision to propose me for a participation in a workshop in Sarajevo, except Besa Luzha. Her decision was clear-cut, no one could dispute, travel, accommodation and a honorary of €200 were resolved or secured, whilst my idea to prepare a paper or even just getting prepared for that event, did not matter at all to her. Her primary concern was that I should be in Bosnia, at a time when his unofficial boss Muhamet Mustafa had already charged me with the Kosovo Police of criminal activities in Bosnia. Her clear-cut decision to send me to Bosnia was to serve his unofficial boss, against which I have filed a lawsuit with the Pristina Municipal Court. EULEX is also notified. Rainer Kuehn is a German and the Head of EULEX Police Component. Have a look at the document attached, signed and stamped by him.


Meanwhile we were correcting or criticizing few reports funded by KFOS and FES jointly for Mr. Mustafa (Mr. Shllaku, Mr. Mustafa, and Mrs. Luzha are one in their business with KFOS and FES funds). Mrs. Luzha expresses concern why we are “humiliating” her. We are only doing research and there is no need for her to be concerned. One of many critical reviews that we make, was a report of Mr. Mustafa’s institute (Riinvest), jointly funded by KFOS and FES, or more precisely Mr. Shllaku and Mrs. Luzha. Here is a critical review of that report, against which Mrs. Luzha is expressing concern for “humiliating” her:



against this:



In our critical review, among others, we show that there are actually some 200,000 Albanians in Switzerland, and not 75,000 as the Mr. Mustafa’s report is showing. We refer to official Swiss sources such L'Hebdo, no. 37, September 2004, which says that there are 370.000 immigrants from former Yugoslavia in Switzerland, of which around 200.000 Albanians. Mr. Mustafa has got angry about this correction and has filed, along with this correction, various slanders against me to the Kosovo police, among others, that I have committed crimes in Bosnia, that I am aggressively pursued by legal authorities in England, and many more. He got a lawsuit in return for these slanders. That is how this approach would work in Germany: Someone produces a report indicating that the total population of Germany is 30 million. You present the fact that this is not true, and Germany actually has around 82 million inhabitants, and you use official sources, not like Riinvest guessing in a staff meeting (we are the eyewitnesses how Riinvest estimates the number of Kosovo’s population in a staff meeting discussion by guesses and present this to the public). Once you have told the public opinion in your critical review that the number of population in Germany is not 30 but 82 million, the one who has produced that report maintaining the figure of 30 million denounces you to the Federal Police of Germany and the Bundesnachrictendienst as a criminal, and the police interrogates you of your “criminal” activities.


Manipulating the population statistics and presenting them as the only true research only because the project has been funded by the KFOS and the FES, while chasing the police against other researchers who tell the truth, is not a joke but a serious crime and madness that was present during inquisition, Communism, and Nazism.


As we continue our fair and honest critical reviews, including those funded by the KFOS and the FES and what the network of organized crime between the people concerned is doing, Mrs. Luzha feels more “humiliated”. Recently, she has written to me with the following words:

“I am now convinced that what the people were telling me against you, are very true”. Mr. Mustafa also thought that the dangerous slanders he was submitting to the police are very true things, but have a look at the document attached. Mrs. Luzha appears to have been deeply convinced that what Mr. Mustafa, Mr. Shllaku and other “people” told her about me (committing crimes in Bosnia, England, and elsewhere) are very true things in her strange mind. I have seriously warned Mrs. Luzha that you will be forced to give birth to all those people who told you of too many evil things about me that you take as absolute truths, and that you will be forced to verify or show that to me and to the world. Therefore, I am asking FES authorities in Bonn and Berlin to intervene, investigate the case, and discipline this lady (Besa Luzha) or back her on track. This is critically important because she still does not understand that hearing a word by someone against someone, can never be taken as an absolute truth, and may be subject to prosecution.


I will forward to you her strange belief that what the “people” told her about me, are absolute truths. I warned her that you will be forced to give birth to those “people” (which are those who rule her like Luan Shllaku and Muhamet Mustafa). A tough question to the FES authorities in Bonn and Berlin:

Can you confirm that the FES office in Pristina is an affiliation of yours or of KFOS, KCSF and Muhamet Mustafa, and that Besa Luzha is not manipulated almost in full by them? I have enormous evidence to confirm that Besa Luzha is not a coordinator in her own, but a representative of KFOS in FES. The other question is: Why have you not chosen someone from OSI to represent the FES in Prishtina?


Question to OSI:


You were already warned that Luan Shllaku will intimidate Besa Luzha to reject our almost approved proposal. And he (Luan Shllaku) rejected. In addition, he and Mr. Mustafa infected Mrs. Luzha with evil attitudes against me to the extent that she is deeply convinced that what they told her about me (war crime, criminality, and so on) are absolute truths?! Mrs. Luzha had 100% different opinion at the beginning when she was inviting to the workshops, and actually requested to participate in debate against the so-called political analysts who were lying too much to the opinion. That is what was based on her own mind, but later and now her minds against me are fully dictated by her unofficial but practical bosses Luan Shllaku and Muhamet Mustafa. She switched from what she was observing on practical terms working with me, to what the other “people” were telling her against me, and she is taking these sayings as absolute truths! There is no problem about her “absolute truths” – she has been warned that she will have to give birth to both those “people” and the “absolute truths”. But I am asking the FES authorities to intervene and resolve the dispute, because she is steadily feeling “humiliated” by me. Another reason:


Thanks to the sayings against me by Besa Luzha’s network of conspiracy, a trade union representative of a privatized company reacts against a news published by a daily newspaper, in which I was asked for an opinion regarding an illegal decision by the Constitutional Court of Kosovo about privatization.

Note: Illegal decision because the institution in charge of exclusively handling legal aspects of socially-owned enterprises and privatization-related matters, is the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court, a Court which is composed of local and international judges. Kosovo’s Constitutional Court does not have any jurisdiction over privatization yet.


The trade union representative appears to the newspaper and wants to write an entire article against my statement in the news of that day. The newspaper initially warns him that, it is him (i.e. me) who has mostly defended Kosovo’s interests in privatization, including your workers, and we as a newspaper cannot stop his right to reply against your article. The newspapers publishes his opinion uncensored, in which he addresses some harsh slanders against me and the institution which I represent, probably impressed by the sayings like those of Luan Shllaku, Besa Luzha, and Muhamet Mustafa. Here is the online opinion of that trade union representative, published by Kosovo’s largest newspaper ‘Kosova Sot’:


Although it is in Albanian, when you open it, the very first sentence tells you everything: “Instituti “INEPRA”, mbrojtës i pronës së regjimit fashisoid të Milosheviqit….Then came my decapitation strike against these slanders in the same newspaper:



Solution: the representative or the author instead of calling us again defenders of the fascist regime of Milosevic, now wants to have a coffee with us, a friendly and warm meeting for discussion. But before we accept his polite offer, he has to prove in the court that we are the defenders of Milosevic regime, just as Besa Luzha has to prove that what the “people” are saying to her against me, are absolute truths. That is why we are asking FES authorities to decontaminate this lady from very silly things like “someone has told me, and this is an absolute truth”. The man writing in Kosova Sot (the largest and most circulated newspaper) was also “convinced” by sayings of someone that we are the fascists of Milosevic, but now is educated quickly and brought to normality. But Besa Luzha has not yet.


Bardha Qirezi is Besa Luzha’s sister who has stolen €10,000 from the Pristina University when she was “Coordinator for International Relations”. She was caught and was sacked. But where did she go after she was sacked? To her sister’s unofficial but practical boss – Muhamet Mustafa who established a private college through money laundering. That is only a small part of a criminal and nepotism network (Besa Luzha, her sister Bardha, their boss Muhamet Mustafa, Luan Shllaku, Luan’s wife Suzana and their “decoy” Venera Hajrullahu, and some others).


You remember that the German Minister of Defence, Rudolf Scharping was dismissed for €76,000. Stealing €10,000 in Kosovo from the University may be equal to some €760 million in Germany’s size! And what about many funds abused by KFOS and FES in Kosovo?


We ask OSI and FES to launch either a joint, or maybe better, separate investigations against a primitive organized crime group that is acting as one in their names in Kosovo. It may be a little acceptable if the funds of OSI and FES end up in organized crime, but we strongly believe it is fully illegal when the people in charge of managing your programs not only discriminate, but cross every red line to attack other people that are not part of their criminal and nepotism network, are not their spouses or relatives, and so on.


Let us know if you want to investigate fairly and decisively this problem, and if you need the evidence.


Sincerely yours

Isa Mulaj

CEO and Founder

Institute for Economic Policy Research and Analyses (INEPRA).

21 January 2011.

(Vota: 6 . Mesatare: 5/5)



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